We protect music instruments

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Our products

KC7688 Keyboard Cover 76-88 Keys (123 – 143cm)

KC61BLE Keyboard Cover 61 Burgundy Limited (89 – 123cm)

KC7688BLE Keyboard Cover 76-88 Burgundy Limited (123 – 143cm)

SMC Stage Microphone Cover

KB88GS Keyboard Bag 88 Slim (140x31cm)

BGBG Bass Guitar Bag

KB88G Keyboard Bag 88 (145x46cm)

KB61G Keyboard Bag 61 (105x45cm)

SUBG Sopran Ukulele Bag

TUBG Tenor Ukulele Bag

KGBG Classic Guitar Bag

AGBG Acoustic Guitar Bag

EGBG Electric Guitar Bag

USC Soprano Ukulele Cover

UCC Concert Ukulele Cover

GUC Guitalele/Tenor Ukulele Cover

GCEC Classic/Electric Guitar Cover

MSTUDIOC Studio Microphone Cover

PKDC Piano Key Dust Cover (124 x 15cm)

KC49 Keyboard Cover 49 Keys (57 – 89cm)

KCM Keyboard Cover Mini Keys (47 – 57cm)

KC61 Keyboard Cover 61 Keys (89 – 123cm)

GCC3412 Classic Guitar Cover 3/4 – 1/2

GAC Acoustic Guitar Cover

Water resistance

Our products with this symbol are waterproof. This will prevent any unwanted damage to the covered tool.

Protection against sunlight and UV radiation

With double-sided blankets, the silver side prevents the tool from overheating and reflects UV radiation, thus ensuring the sustainability of the tool’s original color and extending its life.